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List of B.Ed Faculty
S.No. Photo Staff Name Department Date of Joining Designation Qualification
1. Dr. Anupam Bajpai Commerce 30/9/16 Principal M.Com, M.Ed, Ph.D(Edu)
2. Khushboo kumari Geography 15/09/2019 Assistant professor M.A.,M.Ed.
3. Naushin Rizvi English 22/01/2019 Assistant professor M.A.,M.Ed.
4. Shobha Singh Civics 22/01/2019 Assistant professor M.A.,M.Ed.
5. Abhishek Kumar Zoology 15/06/2019 Assistant Professor M.Sc.,  M.Ed ,RIE, NCERT, Bhubhaneswar
NET(Edu.) Dec.2019
6. Dr. Nazra Paiker Botany 22/01/2019 Assistant professor M.Sc.,M.Ed.,M.A.(Edu)
Ph.D.(Bot. 2009 regulation)
7. Hemant Kumar Geography 22/01/2019 Assistant professor M.A.,M.Ed.
8. Bhawna Jha Economics 22/01/2019 Assistant professor M.A.,M.Ed.
9. Dr. Anita Mishra Home Science 30/09/2016 Assistant professor M.A.,M.A(Edu).,Ph.D.
10. Ashison Engren Tirkey Commerce 15/09/2019 Assistant professor M.Com,M.Ed.
11. Ms. Sweta Kumari mathematics 10/10/2015 Assistant professor M.Sc.,M.Ed.
12. Mr. Ritesh Ranjan Science(physics) 19/04/18 Assistant professor M.Sc.,M.Ed.
13. Rakesh Dutta Shukla Hindi 19/04/2018 Assistant professor M.A.,M.Ed.
14. Mr. Mihir Kumar Bhadra Physical Education 10/10/2015 Assistant professor M.Physical Education
15. Dhananjay Kumar Fine Art 22/01/2019 Assistant professor Fine Art M.Fine Art.
16. Mr. Gautam Kumar Rawani M.Music 10/10/2015 Assistant professor M.A. Music