The vision of the college is to empower the under privileged and downtrodden people of the society specially ST, SC and OBC and PH. The college endeavours to instill the quality of creativity, innovations and benevolence inspiring the students fraternity to strive for equity and social justice. Our college aims at the integral formation of prospective teachers for the establishment of a just and humane society. We visualize the overall development of would be teachers who will be the storehouse of knowledge and with this potential knowledge, they will have the unlimited abilities and capacities to spread the wisdom all around.

The mission is to prepare teachers who are effecient, skilled and dutiful to the society specially to the rural and tribal women. The objective is to provide quality Teacher Eduation with moral and social values.our missions are as following:-

1. To produce intellectually sound, socially concerned, morally upright, spiritually oriented, patriotic and law-abiding teachers with right attitudes, values and ideals.
2. To inculcate in the teachers the feeling of love and pride for their country and culture, thus bringing about social and cultural awakening.
3. To provide responsible and creative leadership in the field of education who can render selfless service to the community.
4. To develop among the teachers self confidence and a sense of value commitment and abilities of critical thinking and effective decision making.
5. To empower the teachers with sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to perform their various roles in the educational system as well as in the society.
6. To equip the teachers with excellent communication skills and proper understanding of the psychological and sociological principles implicit in the field of education.
7. To acquaint the teachers with appropriate skills and methodologies to facilitate learning among the pupils and also to handle children with special needs.
8. To enable the teachers to manage learning resources, to use community resources as educational inputs and to organize experiences for the all round development of the students.
9. To generate in the teachers the capability to develop curiosity, imagination and self confidence among students.
10. To motivate the teachers to understand action research and employ innovative practices in accordance with scientific and technological advancement.

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